Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Malty Whopper Cookies

I'm a nut for malt. I love going to the ice cream shop and getting a chocolate malt... double malt. Or a vanilla malt... double malt. Or a strawberry malt... double malt. Yeah, I love it. And, when the chick behind the counter cannot concern herself with fully mixing in all that malt and there's a big gob in the bottom of the cup-- heaven. I feel like malts are something that little old ladies love. Is it? Whatev.

As you might expect, I could eat Whoppers day and night. For that reason, I typically keep them out of the house. When I saw this recipe for Malt Whopper Pudding Cookies by Chef in Training, I had to try it.

Something about making this recipe seemed weird. For example, I thought you always did butter and sugars, then eggs and vanilla, then all combined dry ingredients. Maybe the order doesn't matter. I don't pretend to know a single thing about making cookies, but I have made a few recipes and this just seemed different. Anyway, the only thing I did different was I chopped up the Whoppers instead of leaving them whole.

They were pretty easy to make, though. You basically just throw everything into the stand mixer, then ball out the dough.

The dough was really sticky. Like, really, really sticky. It was also really, really delicious. I know, I know-- raw eggs. Whatever. It was awesome.

My biggest critique is that these cookies spread like a mofo. I wonder if I had added a little more flour, if that would've helped with the stickiness and maybe kept them from spreading some.

The interesting thing about these cookies is that they were this weird (awesome) combination of crunchy and chewy. And they taste amazing. I was really put off by the spreading (it's my least favorite characteristic in a cookie) but Mr. S LOVED these cookies. As in, he was begging me to make more.

I think I'll give them another go sometime-- maybe with a little more flour.

The least spread of the bunch...

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