Monday, February 11, 2013

Coffee Station

After we renovated our kitchen and had about three times as much counter space, we had to make decisions about what to keep on the counter tops and what to put away. Prior to the renovation, the only things that got that precious counter space were the coffee pot, the microwave and the knife block. Even frequent use appliances, like the toaster, had to be stored in the dining room closet.

Anyway, not only did the coffee pot get to say out after the reno, but I made an entire coffee station with the grinder, filters, and a couple canisters for coffee and sugar. 

I got these canisters at Target on clearance for a couple bucks each. They're a little suction-y to make them pretty air tight. The tall one holds exactly one of the one-pound bags of coffee. Super bonus: the white lids are smooth plastic and my handy dandy wax pencil writes on them perfectly. The tray was also from Target for about $10. It's a good place to keep the coffee scoop and a sugar spoon. The tray is particularly handy because we're not so great at not spilling coffee grounds and sugar so the tray catches it all and it's super easy to rinse clean. And, you can't see them in any of these pictures (that's the point) but there's a ziplock bag full of coffee filters (the cone type) hidden behind the coffee pot so we only have to step away from the station to get water. The sink is only three steps away. 

I fancied it up with an mid-century print from Benton Park Prints and funk-a-rific blue clock from All15Designs. These are two of my favorite things in my house. 

Put it all together for the full effect, and this is what you get. Our coffee station that makes me smile every morning, snuggled right between the back door and a very large window that looks out onto the backyard. 

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