Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fabric Room Divider

Have you priced out those three panel room dividers? They're not cheap. So, I decided to make one. We had a bunch of stuff that we kept in a corner between the couches. Stuff including the drums and guitars for our Guitar Hero/Rock Band games. Yeah, we're nerds. I wanted to have that stuff accessible, but hidden. Hence, the room divider.

I enlisted Mr. S to cut the wood for me. We just used some super cheap 2in trim wood. (Is that the right term for it?) He made me two 2ft wide and 6ft tall rectangles. Our intention was to make it three panels, but once he brought me the second one, I realized that two were big enough. I think we made them a little extra big. I've certainly never seen them this big in the store. I suppose that's the advantage of making your own-- not only is it cheap, you can make them whatever size you need. Not to mention, you have endless fabric choices too.

So anyway, he just cut the wood and nailed them together. Nothing fancy because they were about to get covered with fabric. I used the super high tech method of laying the fabric on the floor, putting the frames on top and eyeballing the cut. Then I got even more high tech and stapled it to the back of the frames.

Here's the fabric. Wish I knew the name. It's a simple teal and white/cream flower pattern.

And here's a close up of my stapling skillz. See those folded corners? Ah, yeah! No, just kidding. I suck, but it looks good from the front and that's all that matters. 

After I got both panels covered, I had Mr. S attach them with some small hinges. I did this on top of the fabric because otherwise I would've had to figure out how to stretch the fabric around the hinges and that was not going to happen. Note: nothing here needs to be heavy duty. I mean, it's just going to stand around. And that wood is really light. Here's a look at the hinge. We just used two-- one about 1.5ft from the top, and one 1.5ft from the bottom.

And here's the full effect-- along with the cat and the dog. There's a bunch o' junk behind that divider, but you'd never know. Of course, it kind of draws attention so people always ask what's up with it, which means our junk may be hidden, but it's definitely not a secret. 

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