The 2013 To Do List

Goals, tasks, action items... call 'em what you want. I love putting things on a list so I can check those suckas off.

This is my ever-evolving, and hopefully shrinking, list for 2013:

Document past craftiness
Make a dinner chart
Learn to sew and sew some stuff
Make "Miss You" mugs for sister
Finish E's first year scrapbook
Catch up on family scrapbooks
Try new recipes

Make a family binder
Make a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly cleaning schedule
Finish closet-office
Donate/trash unused items

House Projects
Paint shelf/hooks in bathroom white
Update half bathroom
Finally put some stuff on the walls
Minimize garden, and keep up with it
Update linen closet
Document past house projects

Visit the zoo (Cincinnati, Columbus) And we bought a family pass! 
Visit the Children's Museum (Cincinnati, Indianapolis)
Take E to the beach
Potty train!
Do more organized activities/projects with E
Go on picnics with my guys
Be a better dog mom (more walks)

Personal Goals
Lose weight (it wouldn't be a list of yearly goals without this one, would it?)
Get back into cycling
Take better care of skin (momma's getting OLD!)

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