Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Tuesday Quick Craft

I had the urge to do a little crafty crafty this evening but it needed to be quick. I have a glorious kid game that I want to rig up but it's a little complicated and I'd need to run out for supplies. Momma's been in her pajamas since we got home from work at 4:30 so that's a big ol' N.O. on running out for supplies.

Valentine's Day is around the corner so I thought I'd go that route. Mr. S and I don't typically celebrate V-Day because our anniversary is only two weeks later. Very nice planning on his part, dontcha think? I'm not really accustomed to doing much of anything, including crafts or decorating for V-Day.

I pulled out a few felt scraps and some embroidery floss and whipped up this little puppy. It's hanging on a frame that is part of a collage in our kitchen. It's a very, very subtle nod to V-Day. Plenty for me.

Any other quick crafters? Whatcha making?

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