Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Toddler Activity

Even though I work a 9-to-5, I like to pretend that I'm a craftastic stay-at-home mom. I imagine that SAHMs make lots of fun, crafty activities that keep their toddlers busy playing and learning all day long. Of course, I have no idea what SAHMs actually do. As far as I know, they could be sitting around all day eating Twinkies while the kids play with matches. But, I prefer to think they're craftastic.

So, this is my shot at a SAHM-ish toddler activity. 

I have a collection of clear plastic containers-- water bottles, juice bottles, snack containers. I filled them up with various things-- some noisy, some pretty. E has glittery water, water with beads, bottles with just beads and with bells, ribbons, sequins... you name it. They're dirt cheap and disposable when he bangs up the bottle/container too much. And, the possibilities are endless-- every time I take a trip down the craft aisle I get more ideas. 

For added safety, I'd suggest putting a little adhesive around the cap once the bottle is ready. You don't want your little ones getting those caps off and eating whatever treasures you've put on the inside. 

Beads in Water

Mini Gold Bells

Ribbons (for first birthday presents) and beads

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