Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Bed for Laika J. Dawg

We have two dog beds that are very specific sizes-- one fits in Laika's crate and one fits on her raised cot. She's a digger. Dig, turn, dig, turn, dig, turn. It makes me cray-cray. It also rips up dog bed covers. Since they're both just the right size, I decided that I'd make her a new cover, but keep the perfectly sized pieces of foam. I mean, they're that egg carton foam stuff... which I know is comfortable because I had it on my bed all through college.

I got my inspiration from this No Sew Fleece Blanket at A Chelsea Morning and this DIY No Sew Dog Bed at Luigi & Me. Do you see the common thread there? (Teehee, get it? Thread!) No sewing involved. I want to learn to sew... but I need to have a sewing machine first. So, for now, it's no sew options only. 

So, here's the downlow. I measured my foam and bought about one extra foot in each direction for the knots. This is where it gets super technical... I laid the fleece out on the living room floor, put the foam on top and eyeballed it. 

Then, I continued with the eyeballing and cut slits through both pieces of fleece all the way around and cutting the corners out so the ties worked out.

Then, I ever so mathematically put one piece on top of the foam and one piece under the foam and knotted, knotted, knotted. I contemplated not knotting the fourth side. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to get the foam out. I want to believe that I can easily unknot one side and toss it in the wash. Or maybe I just wasted $20 (total) on fleece. Either way, it's way better than paying another $30 each for new beds. 

It's not even close to perfect but it looks cute and I think it's Laika J. Dawg approved.

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