Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Successful Evening

E is tucked away in bed and Mr. S ran out to do some errands. I find myself searching through the living room for the remote. The TV hasn't been on all evening. I consider that a success.

I'm the first to admit that I'm addicted to TV. If Mr. S had his way, we wouldn't have cable at all. I just like it to be on in the background all the time and I catch bits and pieces of shows when I can. There are actually very few things that I regularly watch and give my full attention to. I used to have a DVR full of my "regulars", but that's changed significantly since having E.

Anyway, E is typically pretty grumpy in the evenings and I often let him "watch his songs" for about 30 minutes before dinner time. "Watch his songs" means watching a Baby Genius DVD of alleged favorite songs. And, although I know it's a bad habit, I typically have the TV on in the background most evenings.

I'm not a crazy no TV mom, but I do think it's a good sign if it's after 8pm and the TV is being turned on for the first time. It means we had a good evening of hanging out together. And, we did. Any evening that includes a walk around the neighborhood (it's an unseasonable 50 degrees today), some Electric Sliding, and plenty of "eating" fake fruits and veggies is a good evening in my book.

And on a completely random note, here's a perfect example of my gray life...

Look closely. You might think that I've black and whited except for E and the cat, but I didn't. It makes me laugh. I'm on a mission to add some color to my life. 

How do you add color without going crazy? Or do you like a little crazy? Do you have lots of color, or just a few accent colors with mostly neutrals? 

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