Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gardening, Yay!

It's my favorite time of year. Time to start thinking about all the fun things I'll plant in my garden. I went to Meijer earlier in the week and saw that they have all of their plant stands set up out front and even had some of the early plants out already. It was exhilarating just to see!

I have a 5x5 square foot garden. (One day soon, I'll share how I built it.) That's 25 squares to plant in. My garden has been in various states of goodness over the past few years. With being 100 months pregnant and then having a baby in July of 2011, it was pretty crappy that year. Last year, I had good intentions but... eh. It didn't happen.

I'm excited to have an excellent garden again this year. I'm especially excited because E can help. Maybe not help "good", but help nonetheless. And, he can eat my goods.

I've learned quite a few things over the years. The top 10...

1.) I can grow sugar snap peas like a pro. I hate sugar snap peas.
2.) Tomatoes take up a lot of room. Consider using more than one square per tomato plant. Also, build cool tomato teepees.
3.) Cucumbers may be AWESOME or TERRIBLE depending on the cucumber beetles. Consider some sort of trellis structure to grow them on too.
4.) Green bell peppers are only "eh" so grow something more interesting.
5.) Jalapenos may take a while to come in, but once they do, I'll have a ton.
6.) No bean has ever tasted as wonderful as a green bean fresh from the garden.
7.) I'm great at growing herbs in the garden. Not so much in individual pots.
8.) I desperately want to grow strawberries. My neighborhood squirrels desperately want to eat my strawberries.
9.)  Broccoli from the garden is delish, but I must start it early. Heat will destroy it.
10.) Marigolds for bugs. Tums for rotting on the vine tomatoes. Chili powder for squirrels (sorta).

So, here's the 100% for sure plan. All the empty spaces are up for grabs, except for maybe around the tomatoes.

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