Monday, March 4, 2013

Felt Bunting

I don't really know where this idea came from. I'm not one to dream up things on my own, so I'm sure I saw it somewhere.

Back in November/December, I became obsessed with making some fun bunting for E's room. I got felt in bright colors that go with his room colors and got started. It was easy, but it took me a couple weekends of sewing here and there.

Each triangle in the bunting is half of a 9"x11" sheet of felt. I cut them in half long ways and then folded that in half and cut them into triangles. Something like this:

Instead of using matching thread (embroidery floss), I decided to use contrasting colors.

I did what I so technically call the outside stitch. I know that's not what it's called. What the heck is the name for it? Who cares? I left a little pocket at the top of each triangle and then strung them all on some teal yarn. I hung it with a couple small nails. It was hung with three different types of Command hooks but each one fell after some amount of time. So, alas, I had to make holes in the wall.

I love that it make's E's room look like a party. I love all the bright colors in his room. It makes me smile every time I'm in there. One day, I'll write about those super awesome stripes on the wall (that I painted while Mr. S was away on a business trip and I was uber prego) and the scrapbook paper Mod Podge'd name above the closet. 

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